Sbb open data plattform



  • What is the purpose of this project: The SBB and Liip have opted for proven open source technologies and solutions to power CKAN to manage the data catalogue, WordPress to manage content and Discourse to manage the community. Also, the platform is able to provide data in real time thanks to GTFS-RT.

Link to DEMO or 30s VIDEO of the project


  • What is the benefit for the customer: Searchable transport data
  • What is the benefit for the business: The platform also serves as a springboard for a host of innovations. There is Time for Coffee, an app that displays a list of imminent departures from your nearest station. Or TrainDelayBot, a chat bot which keeps you posted on the latest delays as soon as you set foot in the station.


  • How much MD did you use to build it: confidential


  • Which data is it based on: open transport data

Used Technologies

  • Which technologies were used: Tyk, CKAN