Kafibot chat

Kafibot connects employees

The final product of a chatbot asking you about your preferences and then connecting you with your peers for a coffee. Runs on a big TV screen with touch.



What is it?

This chatbot lives on a large touchscreen next to the cafeteria at Energie 360° AG. It makes connections across organizational silos easier at this company of about 300 people.

Kafi-Bot asks employees for their interests and suggests a coffee meet-up when it identifies a group who share similar ones. The growing network of connections through those coffee groups is visualized on the screen when idle.

For ease of use, employees can identify themselves via face detection - but don't have to.


Screencast of the production application: https://vimeo.com/330838477 (not password-protected)


  • For users: Employees get to meet new colleagues who share their interests (professional or personal). It takes little time and feels rather like a game, not like a tedious form.
  • For Energie 360° AG: Better cooperation within the company thanks to less "silo-thinking". Employees feel first and foremost part of one company, not of one department.


30-40 person days from first idea to launch


  • For face detection: offical employee photos, with the corresponding names.
  • Seed list of potential interests (gathered manually)

Technologies used

  • botui.org (chatbot framework)
  • d3.js (network vizualisation)
  • Ruby on Rails (backend)
  • Running on a local machine to guarantee privacy

Further vision

How this application could be further developed:
- Let users add new topics themselves (currently admins only), possibly with speech detection to avoid having to type on the touchscreen.
- Make the bot more intelligent
- Add an integrated way to find a common meeting time