Show how to segment customers


Customer Segmentation based on Frequency, Recency and Total Montetary Value spent

  • What is the purpose of this POC:
    • It shows how you could segment your e-commerce customers into different segments, based on Recency, Frequency and their total monetary value spent.
    • RFM analysis is a simple python script (and IPython notebook) to perform RFM analysis from customer purchase history data.

Link to DEMO or 30s VIDEO of the project


  • What is the benefit for the customer: The customer might get a better service from the business if he falls into the "best customer" category.
  • What is the benefit for the business: The business owner might write email marketing only to his best or worst customers and so customize his message.


  • How much MD did you use to build it: 0MD --> It's forked from a github repo.


  • Which data is it based on: Customer sales data.

Used Technologies

  • Which technologies were used: pandas


  • Which things could be build with this POC if you had more time: We could take this approach and adopt it to ecommerce, its fairly straight forward.