A chatbot that indexes a webpage and lets you search for terms via a chatbot interface. Made with as part of a hackday with SAP 2018.

Description Chatbot Crawler

  • What is the purpose of this POC: This is a chatbot build with (SAP) that crawls a webpage, and then you can talk to the chatbot to find webpages that have a certain keyword that you query for with the chatbot in it.

Link to DEMO or 30s VIDEO of the project

  • Link to POC demo or video: none exists
  • Link to the blogpost if it exists: none exists
  • Is it protected with a psw/login: none exists


  • What is the benefit for the customer: It can be used to make chatbots smarter as in whenever they don't know anything they might hint the user to a page relevant for the keyword that they used.
  • What is the benefit for the business: For the business owner it might be usefull to somehow suggest pages of his website for the users.


  • How much MD did you use to build it: 1MD


  • Which data is it based on: none, maybe a crawl from a website

Used Technologies

  • Which technologies were used:


  • Which things could be build with this POC if you had more time: no idea.