Good games chatbot

Recommends games to Facebook users/children via chatbot and has an additional website interface.



What is it?

This Facebook chatbot recommends games to play with children between the age of 6-10. Alternatively, a website lets you browse through all the games using filters.



  • For users: Quickly find a way of distracting children that fits the current situation (where, how,...)
  • For an organization: Promote children's cognitive and social development through play, and support overwhelmed parents with alternatives to screen time.


  • 15 MD including data collection



  • Chatfuel
  • Sinatra (ruby)
  • Google Spreadsheets as a simple database
  • Facebook Messenger API

Further vision

  • Improve how well the the game selection matches users' current needs by improving questions and filters
  • Add a "Quiz" category as solo games
  • Add a category "Singing games" integrated with relevant Youtube videos
  • Ask for feedback after playing a game, so thatewertung vom Spieler erfragen nachdem er gespielt hat

More about this project

Read more about how we built this chatbot in Liip's blog: "Chatbots are dead! Long live chatbots! Learn how to build your own chatbot and what mistakes to avoid."